Creative Staffing Solutions our Mission Statement;

Here at Creative Staffing Soulutions we are comitted to developing a partnership that delivers the best results to our clients. Whether you are a candidate or a company looking to find and retain the best talent the market has to offer, we are dedicated to addressing your business needs and providing you with the opportunity to achieve your ultimate goals.


Expertise: Creative Staffing Solutions is a Staffing and Recruiting company in Buffalo, MN in which requires an in depth knowledge of the positions to be staffed with our clients and understanding of the dynamic of the working environment. Creative Staffing Solutions understand the demands that are put upon hiring managers. Creative Staffing Solutions works closely with employers and job seekers to find the best fit for our clients and job seekers.


The Temp-to-hire Solution; Our sucess is validated if/when you decide to hire our employee. Therefore, we give you the option to hire our employee when they have worked the required hours. We will also customize a "buy-out" if you decide to hire sooner.


Personalized, Friendly Service; Creative Staffing Solutions is people-focused. We serve both our clients and employees with professionalism, dedication, and respect.


Tell us about your open positions (job description, desired qualifications and pay rate) and we will recruit for you.... for no charge! We utilize our database of applicants and locate candidates who match your desired qualifications. You compensate Creative Staffing Solutions only when our employees are placed at your company.