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Exceptional Staffing Services and Employment Opportunities

At Creative Staffing Solutions, Inc., we strive to create partnerships that deliver the best results to our clients. If you’re an individual seeking job opportunities or looking to employ the market’s most qualified candidates, you can count on us to fulfill your needs and help you to achieve your ultimate goals.

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Our Expertise

Creative Staffing Solutions, Inc. is a staffing and recruiting company located in Buffalo, MN and we provide services throughout the surrounding areas. Our profession requires in-depth knowledge of the positions of our clients that need to be filled and an understanding of the dynamic of the working environment. At our company, we understand the challenges that hiring managers have to deal with. We work closely with employers and job seekers to find solutions that best fit both clients and candidates.

Staffing Solutions We Offer

Staffing Solutions we offer- Direct Hire, Temp to hire, Long term, Short Term, Seasonal or Payroll Employee Leasing. 

Streamline Your Hiring Process

Streamline Your Hiring Process At Creative Staffing Solutions, we connect our clients with top talent across multiple industries. We can help find the right candidates with the most compatible skills to fulfil your staffing needs.

Areas We Recruit

We place immediate talent in various levels within manufacturing and clerical administrative positions: 

Looking To Hire?

In todays market, successful staffing takes a lot more then a list of requirements then skills, detailed on the application or resume, to ask and ensure we make the right match the first time and every time.

The candidates, we offer will be the best available for your needs in qualifications/ skills, work ethic, and cultural fit. That is why we put effort into recruiting, screening, and evaluating potential employees.

Talk to us about your companies culture, goals, and roles to fill, and we will help you find the right candidates. Lets build the right team for you today.