Here at Creative Staffing Solutions we are committed to developing a partnership that delivers the results to our clients.  We provide high-level and entry-level personnel to support all manufacturing and clerical/administrative roles. 

Creative Staffing Solutions makes it efficient for clients by accommodating orders for short-term, seasonal, long term temp-to-hire, or even direct hire placements.  Additionally Creative Staffing Solutions provides payroll services, as well as covering work comp, unemployment insurance and all payroll taxes.

Expertise:  Creative Staffing Solutions is a staffing and recruiting firm in Buffalo, MN who possesses a deep knowledge of the positions to be staffed with our clients and focuses on the dynamics of the work environment.  Creative Staffing Solutions understands the demands placed upon hiring managers and works closely with both employers and job seekers to find the best fit for all parties.

The Temp-To Hire Solution:  Our success is validated at a time if you decide to hire our employee.  Therefore, we give you the option to hire our employees when they have worked the required number of minimum hours, or we will also customize a "buy out" if you decide to hire sooner.

Tell us about your open positions (job description, desired qualifications, etc) and we will recruit for you, free of charge!  We will utilize our database of applicants and locate other candidates who match your requirements.  You compensate Creative Staffing Solutions only when our employees are placed at your company.

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